“I highly recommend Maryland Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, LLC.. They have made a big difference in my life.

I have had incapacitating migraines for over forty years. They would last for as long as five days, and require bed rest. These are caused by allergies and changes in temperature, pressure and humidity. About three years ago, a neurologist that I was sent to recommended "Cranial Sacral" massage.

Daniela, in this office, not only does "Cranial Sacral" massage, but also does lymphatic drainage. These consist of massaging and manipulating areas on and around the face, cranium, and neck. They have been so successful that my migraines have been more infrequent, and have lessened in intensity and duration.”

Marlene L

“Maryland Physical Therapy and Wellness Center has my highest recommendation. I have used the staff members of the center for three years for various problems or injuries. The therapists are very knowledgeable in their field. They take time to listen to their patients and carefully design the best plan for therapy. The atmosphere is open and relaxed and this helps to support the healing process. The location is pleasant and convenient.”

Rita L.

“I would highly recommend MDPTWC to anyone that asks. Besides the fact that the therapists are very competent and professional, they and the remaining staff are very carrying. It's like being with family. I look forward to my therapy sessions because I know it not only benefits my body, but my spirit as well.”

Jean W.

“Thanks to Marina and the pt center, I can walk and climb steps without pain. Sciatica is not curable, but at least I can function well enough now to lead a normal life without surgery.”

Dennis L.

“I am a professional violinist but I feel like a professional athlete at times. The repetition of motion and the strength needed to do my job well and with ease take a toll on me. I have had amazing results from the physical therapists at the Maryland Wellness Center. The exercises and stretches are individually assigned and explained thoroughly. The ultrasound, TENS treatments and massages have made all the difference in my various recoveries. Ms. Marina, Mr. Brian and Ms. Daniela are a dream team. They are professional, extremely compatible and so caring. The wear and tear on my body is constant; therefore, I am a repeat client but I don't mind returning for more treatment because they feel like family to me! The addition of the friendly Ms. Nicky as the consummate receptionist/ assistant makes it all the more pleasant. Thank you Maryland Wellness Center!!”

Karen L.
Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra Violinist

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment then please email us at office@mdphysicaltherapyandwellness.com or call us on 301-776-7000.


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